About Us

Maitri Garden is an inspirational apparel company dedicated to fostering mindfulness, loving kindness, and compassion, to help heal one another, and thereby help to heal the world. From powerful quotes throughout history, to wise sentiments from some surprising sources, we love empowering words! And even more, we love combining them with powerful art. Something as simple as what we choose to wear can plant the seeds of change--so join us in the Maitri Garden.

Our Story & Mission

My sister and I created Maitri Garden with the mission is to inspire one another to express ourselves and live life with purpose and positivity. We both realized that we wanted to outgrow our present limitations and find a deeper sense of peace and joy. To do that, we knew we had to learn to truly love and honor ourselves and to help others on their journey. The idea for the name Maitri Garden came from listening to Pema Chodron, who often speaks of Maitri {my-tree} (a Sanskrit word that translates as,“unconditional friendship with oneself”). And with personal growth as a focal point of the vision, it seemed fitting to use the symbol of a garden. Rather than focusing on self improvement, the energy behind Maitri Garden is about allowing the authentic self to emerge. We believe that practicing mindfulness and loving kindness throughout daily life can enhance our whole being - body, mind and spirit. After many seeds were planted, and with lots of love and light, a beautiful Maitri Garden is growing up before our eyes. Let's grow something beautiful!-Jess & Jenn

Giving Back

For every item purchased, a portion of the proceeds goes to www.kiva.org, a non-profit organization with a mission to empower and connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. We love empowering ourselves and even better--others! We encourage you to open your own account as well and start helping with as little as $25!