Balancing rocks

Every one of us carries within both female and male energy.  Neither one is more important than the other; both are essential for our lives to be balanced.  Because of the world we live in, most of us have over-developed our male energy.  Some of us are on steroids! But we can teach this part of ourselves to be more open-minded and receptive to our feminine side. For instance, instead of filling every minute of our lives from morning until night with ‘doing’ tasks, we can start including moments of pause, rest, and reflection throughout the day.  Don’t get us wrong.  Doing is great!  It gets us from point A to point B, but if we never stop to enjoy the journey, then what is the point?  If we don’t take the time to reflect on where we’ve come from and how much progress we’ve made, then we forget to be grateful for the lessons we’ve learned and for the adventures we’ve had along the way.  

When we run a hundred million miles an hour, just keeping ourselves busy, it’s often a sign that we don’t want to slow down. We’re afraid that if we do stop running, we’ll have to face some things we don’t want to see.  Moving fast blurs our vision.  We can’t see things clearly.  It’s only when we stop moving that we can truly see our surroundings.  Sometimes our reality isn’t what we want it to be.  But that’s okay.  At least we have a place to begin.  And we have a lot more energy to deal with our real problems and challenges when we’re not exhausted from running around in circles!

We can truly be thankful for the moments in our lives that stop us in our tracks.  These are opportune times to tap into our feminine strength.  We can use the powerful tool of reflection to understand what we’re experiencing and what we need to take care of ourselves.  We can make a point to do this everyday and to be thankful for the baby steps we take, no matter how small.  And some days, it’s okay to just stand in place, soak up some sun, and enjoy the gift that our life truly is.  Let’s start exploring more of our feminine power together.  Here are some ideas to get you started.  


Maitri Movements-

 1.) Baby steps are quite often better than leaps and bounds.  We tend to learn more along the way because we’re not moving as fast and furious, which gives us a better chance of hearing the voice of our intuition.  We could use a little more tortoise and a bit less hare ;)  Start by taking just five minutes in a day to stop, shut all media down, and quiet yourself.  Breathe deeply and just listen to the noises around you.  What do you hear, smell and feel?  What does your feminine self want to tell you?  Sometimes it’s best to try this exercise outside.  It’s amazing what you can hear when you take the time to listen!

 2.) At the end of the day before you go to sleep, take a few minutes to reflect on what has happened and how it makes you feel.  This is a great time to notice our baby steps and small victories.  Maybe you approached something in a new way?  How did that feel?  Or maybe you keep banging your head against the same rock over and over thinking; oh this time it will be different. (We’ve all been there!)  Be gentle with yourself no matter what comes up and allow your feminine self to guide you.  

 3.) Take yourself on a date.  In Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, she encourages the reader to take a weekly artist date.  Devote at least on hour to go out and do something just for the fun of it!  Let you inner child come out and play with you at the zoo, or at a movie, on a long walk in the park, or anything that your inner tyrant deems to be a ‘waste of time.’  Let yourself have a little fun, and you’ll find yourself feeling refreshed and better able to handle your ‘doing’ tasks.  

 See you in the garden!