What I learned from the Grinch....a holiday wish!

This time of year, I always think about the wisdom of Dr. Seuss in his story of the Grinch.  The holidays aren't about wrestling the deal of the century away from an angry mob on Black Friday, or having the best decorations on the block, or even getting the perfect gifts for everyone on the list.  The Grinch said it best.“Maybe Christmas doesn't come from a store...maybe Christmas...perhaps...means a little bit more!”

As children, we connected to something extraordinary that was there beneath the hustle and bustle.  It was the true spirit of the holidays. We understand this magic when we take the time to listen to the beckoning of our hearts and remember the connection we all share, then we see what is possible, despite all our human imperfections.  The great news is that we're given opportunities to connect and create magic almost every day.  We just have to be ready to answer the call when it comes.

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